PDAC 2024 Panel Discussion

Speak-up best practices in the mining industry!

In this session, we'll delve into practical insights and real-world examples on how to develop effective speak-up cultures, while avoiding pitfalls. You'll gain valuable perspectives on managing whistleblowing solutions, learning about psychology safety and bystander intervention, all while ensuring the necessary safety nets and support mechanisms are in place for your employees.

This discussion will include:

  • Creating inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces
  • Sexual harassment and #Metoo in mining
  • Bystander intervention
  • Speak up culture – policies, hotlines, anti-retaliation
  • Behaviors and expectations of management and staff
  • and more!

Join Industry Panelist Experts:

  • Shannon Walker: Founder, WhistleBlower Security
  • Audrey Hlembizky: CEO, TeamsynerG Global Consulting
  • Susan Lomas: Founder, Mine Shift Foundation

Date: March 5th
Time: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM (ET)
Where: MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Center), Room 203D

*Conference registration not required

Register: Live Session: March 5, 2024