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Complimentary eBook:
Why a whistleblower hotline may not be enough on its own

For some companies, a whistleblower hotline on it's own is enough to satisfy a whistleblower policy. For other companies, other reporting methods may be needed to complement the hotline.
Download the eBook to find out more about all reporting methods, and what combination can work for your company!

The eBook will cover:
  • Hotlines
  • Web Reporting
  • Facsimile (yes it's true)
  • Anonymity
  • and more...
Download the eBook to get your questions answered.


Is a hotline effective on its own?


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How whistleblowing works

______   1   ______

Employee files anonymous report
via a safe and secure
method of their choice

______   2   ______

A notification is sent to a company representative who begins
investigation process

______   3   ______

Report is either closed as
substantiated with corrective action
or closed with no cause found